Magic mushroom spores

What are the advantages of Spore Sprints?

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Cultivating magic meat can be done in many different ways, but starting with a spore copy offers many benefits.

Spore printing provides invaluable protection against infection, for starters. Outgrowths do not include living mycelium suspended in liquid growth media, unlike liquid cultures. As no additional equipment is used during preparation in the laboratory, there is no possibility of bacterial contamination for consumption.

In addition, the spore copy has a long life. Even years after buying them, you can use them if you keep them in their packaging.

Spore printing allows mycologists to learn about mushrooms from scratch, which advances their field. Now you can create your own slants, agar plates, and liquid cultures.

Psilocybin mushroom spores | Psilocybe cubensis spores

What are the advantages of spore prints?

The procedure can be carried out using syringes or agar plates after obtaining your supply of spore copies. Simply place the contents of your packet into a sterile water bottle and draw up the liquid with a sterile syringe to create a syringe. A spore syringe can be used for direct injection or to introduce spores to a sterile sugar solution to expand the mycelium in water culture. To grow mycelium in a Petri dish, you can completely skip the spore syringe and just drop the spores directly onto the agar.

Mushroom spores for sale

Our producers of magic mushrooms spore prints are among the best in the world since we are passionate about all things intelligent and we always do things right. Our products pass through your mailbox unharmed because they are created in an aseptic laboratory environment.

Most of the mushroom species, unlike plants, require poor conditions to grow and produce useful products. You can relax knowing you haven’t contaminated your social media when you get a copy of Spore from Magic Mushrooms USA.

We’ve been a reliable supplier on many forums for nine years, so don’t take our word for it.

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